Rebeka- The Passionate Innovative Healer with Heart

Rebeka’s fingerprints reveal that she is the Passionate Innovative Healer.  This life purpose is a combination of:  Live your passions + The Innovator + The Healer.  Further, this combination plays out in the School of Love.

Let’s break this down.  First of all, her school indicates the broad theme that will play out over her life.  There are four main types of fingerprints.  Each one is associated with a school:  Peace, Wisdom, Love & Service.  Each school carries with it an initiation or training program.  In the school of love, the objective is emotional authenticity.  Simply put, are you capable of feeling what you’re feeling, expressing those feeling, at an appropriate intensity, regardless of how others may react?  Sounds pretty simple but there’s all sorts of ways we find to complicate it.  Rebeka gets permission to learn in her school so she may err on the side of under expressing her emotions and at times over expressing her emotions.    She can expect to be pushed to her emotional limits through her life experience.  How else would she grow if she wasn’t pushed to the limits of her emotional mastery?  The fear in the school of love is:  If I express how I feel will you still love me?   Could be tricky when Rebeka has to fire an employee or tell a friend something they might not want to hear.  Byron Katie says “Spare yourself from seeking love, approval, or appreciation—from anyone. And watch what happens in reality, just for fun.”   Good advice for those in the school of love.   At their best, trainees in the school of love experience love and closeness, they know how to connect with us on an emotional level and they are great networkers and community builders, and they do it from a place of deep self love that they’ve cultivated by staying present to their own emotional meltdowns.

Rebeka’s life purpose looks like this;  The Live your Passions purpose means you need to know what you want because you need to spend as much of your time doing just that.  At her best, she lives at a different level of intensity than the rest of us and she advocates for the things she feels so passionately about.  She needs to make sure that her “I want” system is operating well (there are many ways we learn to shut down or numb out around what we really want), she also needs to learn to stand her ground to manage her own power so she can access that great vision.

The Innovator likes to go against the grain, they tend to be a little ahead of their time in terms of their ideas.  These are the people who change the way we do things.  They often face heavy disapproval because of their unconventional ideas and ways of seeing the world.  Rebeka needs to cultivate an unwavering sense of self-approval to brings those innovative ideas to the rest of us.  Where might that be challenging for her?  Well, remember the school of love?  She needs to be aware of the possibility of selling out her brilliant ideas just to be loved or accepted.

The Healer is the master of insight.  Healers are willing to dive deeply into their own stuff so they can bring those insights and their own wholeness as inspiration to the rest of us.  The healer first heals themselves and they know that healing is not fixing things for others but seeing that wholeness in someone else and maybe lighting the path for their journey back.  They are willing to be vulnerable and to trust their own intuition.  They are brilliant at communicating with the parts of themselves that feel less than or stuck.  They make themselves whole and then hold us to the same standard.  They make wonderful counselors, motivational speakers, and insightful healers.

At her best, Rebeka combines her unique innovative healing methods with her great personal power and passion and excites us about our own possibilities.

In a full reading we would delve into her life lesson (or blind spot) which would need to be engaged with in order to step into this life purpose and we would look at the various personality qualities and talents visible in her hands that would support this or challenge her.  This is meant to be a snapshot of a full reading.

So, let me tell you a little of what Rebeka shared with me.  Faced with failing eyesight and a conventional medical diagnosis that there was nothing she could do about it, she turned to unconventional healing methods including raw food, herbs, and other alternative modalities and fully restored her vision.  She now brings that same support to others.  She recently followed an inner call to the island of Kauai.   Leaving behind nearly everything, she heeded the call with her daughter in tow.   If you’d like to hear more of what this Passionate Innovative Healer has to share, she blogs  here


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