Ruthann – Love and Wisdom

Ruthann is amazing woman.  From the moment she walked into my office I felt like I was in the presence of someone very special.  In fact, the receptionist was still talking about how sweet she was…days later.  She seemed to be the type of person that just radiates warmth and love.

So when I glanced at her hand prints and the first thing that caught my eye were some markings that indicate someone who has been through something emotionally traumatic, it didn’t immediately add up.  Ruthann’s fingerprints showed that she was in the school of Love and Wisdom.  You can read more about the school of Love in Rebeka’s case study.

The School of Wisdom is all about moving from evaluation to action.  These are wise souls who are here to learn about the nature of commitment and emotional risk taking.  Wisdom requires taking knowledge or intellectual understanding and testing it out to find out what is true.  That is how true wisdom is gained.  Since experience is required in any school, Ruthann could expect at times to err on the side of over-evaluating things, perhaps having a hard time making a decision between several options.  The fear would be making the wrong decision.  This is appropriate unless you notice that you’re not making any decisions at all because you’re afraid to make the wrong one.  On the other extreme, too little evaluation could mean jumping into something without thinking it through.  In the school of wisdom, you can expect to visit either extreme as you discover the appropriate balance of evaluation and action.  At their best, school of wisdom “trainees” use their knowledge to help others get what they want.  They are very good at analyzing the options and finding the best way to get something done.

Ruthann’s fingerprints also revealed that her life purpose was literally Love and Connection.  She is here to experience a wide range of emotional experiences so that she may experience the emotional growth that leads to unconditional love.  With this life purpose, connection, especially making emotional connections will be very meaningful for her.  When you have  life purpose that is so closely linked to emotional growth, it stands to reason that you may be pushed to your emotional limits.  How else would you know the outer limits of your emotional mastery if you weren’t pushed against them from time to time?  While it sounds easy enough to have love and connection as your life purpose, what I find is that often these brave souls experience great emotional upheaval on there way to the love and connection that is so meaningful to them.

Ruthann shared her story with me.   She is the owner of Career Management Institute, where she counsels, coaches, and consults with businesses and individuals.  She has wisely supported others in career and life transitions.   Eight years ago, her husband suffered an accidental fall from a ladder and died.  Her world changed in the blink of eye.  She plunged into a world of grief, sadness, and ultimately found her way through the pain.  She recently published a book that chronicles her experience.  It is a beautiful memoir of her late husband and true to her “wise” self, she shares her hard won tips on surviving the loss of a loved one.  Ruthann feels the book is her gift to the world.  And quite a gift it is, full of the kind of love and wisdom earned through experience.  Please visit her website to learn more about the book here.