From Pain to Purpose – Group program

The only constant in life is change.

Dramatic life changes however, can be terrifying.  Divorce, separation,  job loss, trauma, death, illness.  These can be some of the most stressful life experiences we ever deal with.  Even positive life changes  like a promotion, new relationship, building your dream house, etc., can have same effect.

Transformations like these follow some predictable stages.  It is helpful to understand the process of change as it is occurring.

But……How we move through those stages is highly individual

Transformation itself has it’s own map.

And so does your life.

There is no better time to reinvent yourself than during times of dramatic change.
Change word in hand

Here’s why:  When you are moving through times of great change in your life, there is often great pain.  Pain is sometimes the best motivation to do something differently.

Haven’t you been there?  When life is flowing along, you begin to take things for granted.

You’re less likely to take risks.

To make major changes.

To stare into the center of your being and ask “What do I want?”

The gift of major life changes is that it is an opportunity to course correct.  To align your life to what is most meaningful to you.


We don’t have to do this alone.  In fact, having support through times of great change is the most important determinate of how well you will navigate the changes.

Have you ever tried to move through major changes where you didn’t reach out for help?

sad girl

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Feeling stuck, repeating similar patterns and not knowing how to move forward
  •  Wondering why with all the self improvement/healing work you’ve done, you just don’t seem to have it figured out yet?
  • Fearing that you are not living up to your potential
  • Knowing the changes you need to make, but fearing what you’ll lose if you do
  • Feeling burdened by your responsibilities to everyone else in your life
  • Anxiety, Depression, and feeling like life is continually in survival/crisis mode
  • Obsessive thinking.  Knowing it’s not helping to focus on what’s falling apart but not knowing how to get off the roller coaster of emotions
  • Guilt over past mistakes that keeps you from moving forward
  • Resistance to letting go of the past, that keeps you recreating it over and over

It is possible to THRIVE during times of great change

I have invited Michelyn Gjurasic – Transformation expert & fellow Hand Analyst to co-facilitate a new program entitled “From Pain to Purpose:  Using change as an opportunity to transform your life and realign with your life purpose”

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95da2b9a9e4711e28a5622000a1fbe35_7 Chrisstine Gulrajani

This will be a  7 session live workshop held in Olympia, WA, over the course of 3 months.

Michelyn & Chrisstine will be using a Transformation Model AND Hand Analysis to help you look at your circumstances in an empowering way.

  1. We will break down transition into an easily understood 3 step model and help you find your place.  Change and transition are incredibly frustrating without being able to place it into a larger context.  When we can ascribe meaning and context to the changes we are going through, there is reassurance in what we are experiencing.
  2.  Exactly where you are in the Transformation process.  Change and transformation are not the same thing.  In fact, change is unavoidable.  Transformation is optional.  Change is what happens to you.  Transformation is the internal alchemical process of allowing change to crack you open, to allow you to grow and to reorient yourself to your life in a new way.
  3.  Desired or Imposed.  We will explore whether the changes in your life were something you desired or something that was imposed on you by another.  It makes a difference in how you move through the steps.

Compass and map

Then, we will use your unique road map in your hands to get even more specific about how you are going to navigate your changes.  This road map is the key to experiencing true transformation in the midst of changes:

  1. You will learn your unique life purpose.  Your life purpose was coded into your fingerprints before you were born.  You will discover this life purpose and explore how it shows up for you specifically.  If you’ve already had your hands read, even better, you will learn HOW to develop this part of who you are to the point that it is the main focus of how you show up in the world.
  2. Your “school” or soul initiation. There are 4 main soul paths.  You will discover yours and how it affects your day to day life, your relationships, and the way your life purpose plays out.  If you are in business, your school says so much about the way you need to interact with your clients and the transformation you offer.  You will learn to identify when you are in the more challenging aspect of your life school and the skills you need to develop to walk your path.
  3. Your life lesson.  This is the key.  Your life lesson is your blind spot and it is the #1 thing that will keep you from living your purpose.  You will learn how to identify it in action (there are so many disguises).  You will create countermeasures to help you turn this blind spot into an ally.  Our clients report that knowing their life lesson allowed them to finally understand how they hold themselves back and that it is not luck or fate.  You can master your life lesson and in a group setting you will benefit so much from seeing how other people experience their blind spot.  This is often the biggest force at play in life’s transformational experiences.
  4. Romance & Relationships.  We will delve into your “heart lines”.  Your hands reveal your romantic style, your non-negotiable needs in any relationship, and where the  most growth is available to you in your relationships.  Your sexual style, your ideal partner can all be identified from your hands.  If you are experiencing separation, divorce, or relationship struggles, this insight will help you look at these challenges in a completely new way.
  5. Gift Markings.  Many of our clients have gift  markings on their hands.  Identify your additional talents and how to avoid the penalty of not using them. Gift markings have a shadow side if you do not use them and we will make a plan of how to use yours.
  6. Solid Next Steps for your Transformation.  We will be doing some deep work to support you through your transitions.  You will learn how YOU need to navigate this.  There is no need to follow any kind of cookie cutter approach to change.  You will learn how to deal with your paradoxes (we all have them, there is a dilemma in every pair of hands we’ve ever read).  You are going to get so clear about yours and you are going to have real life strategies for how you will turn paradox into paradise.

This program is for you if:

  • If you are experiencing changing circumstances in your life and feel overwhelmed
  • You are willing to use your challenges as an opportunity for growth
  • You take responsibility for your life and your results (we all fall into feeling like the victim at times, you just have to be willing not to stay there)
  • You are willing to invest in yourself
  • You see an opportunity to align yourself with your purpose & passion in the midst of your pain

Imagine what it would feel like in 90 days if:

  • You had a clear plan amidst the chaos and felt comfortable moving forward
  • Your anxiety, stress, and overwhelm are gone and you feel supported
  • The communication in your relationships is more functional than it has ever been
  • Money challenges have been replaced with trust that what you need is always available
  • You have solid action steps to deal with your blind spot when it shows up
  • You know that YOU have brought your gifts to this group and YOU have contributed in changing peoples lives
  • You are being seen & appreciated for who you really are
  • You know exactly WHY you are having the experience you are having AND how to avoid getting stuck

Meeting Dates

We are currently filling two groups for this program.

Evening Group Details                                                                                 

Meetings will be held Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Meeting dates:

November 19th

December 3rd

December 17th

January 7th

January 21st

February 4th

February 18th

Morning Group Details

Meetings will be held Thursday Mornings from 9:30- Noon

Meeting dates:

November 21st

December 5th

December 19th

January 9th

January 23rd

February 6th

February 20th

Course workbook & materials will be provided

Group members will also be connected via private Facebook Group.


What is the investment?

We are offering this as a group program to make it an affordable investment.    The group size is limited to 12 to provide the most intimate, transformational experience.

There are two payment options:

Pay in full                                 $397 ($74 savings)

3 monthly installments   of   $157


BONUS – As a reward for taking fast action, we are offering a private session with Michelyn or Chrisstine ($347 value).  You can use this session any time before, during, or after the program.  This is available to the first 4 people who register!


This is a highly personalized transformational experience

Your life purpose is unique to you.  We all have different lessons we are learning.  It can be frustrating when you learn tools that work really well for one kind of person and you may judge yourself if it doesn’t work for you.  You will be supported in the way that is most meaningful to you.


What if time or money are an issue?

Here’s the thing.  There is a price for NOT allowing your true expression to show up in the world and staying stuck.  When we suppress who we are resistance is created.  It’s not comfortable to live in this state.

This may start as resistance on a spiritual level and it persists until it affects the emotional, mental, and physical.  Health issues, relationship struggles, security issues have their roots in the fears that stop us.

So the question you have to ask yourself is:  how much is it costing me to stay stuck?

What do you spend per month easing the pain of suppressing who you are?

Is now the time to get the support you deserve?

You do not have to do this alone.

Register now

Pay in Full:

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Please note
This is a small group program.  We will be creating a safe, supportive environment for you to experience transformation.  This may not be the right program for you if you have serious mental health issues that would inhibit the group as a whole.  We reserve the right to refund registration if it is determined that this is not the right fit.