What is Hand Analysis?

Hand Analysis is scientific, or non predictive palmistry.  It is a combination of  modern research and traditions that go back thousands of years.

Your fingerprints were formed 5 months before you were born and they remain the same over the course of your entire life.  Your reason for being on a soul level is encoded into your unique fingerprints.  You are literally given a map to the life you came here to live, right at your fingertips.

The lines and markings on your hands, unlike your fingerprints,  do change. Studies show that your brain waves and neural activity is reflected on the palms of your hands.  The lines show your personality preferences, relationship style, special talents, and energy level.

When you look at the information in the fingerprints and the hand together, they give you a very nice road map for your life.

What are the benefits of hand analysis?

The benefits of hand analysis include:

  • Clearer focus
  • Find your right work
  • End relationship drama
  • Removing blocks around reaching your goals
  • Eliminate parenting challenges
  • Find balance between family and work

What Information Do You Need To Read My Hands?

  • Readings can be scheduled in Olympia or University Place (Tacoma), WA
  • For distant clients, readings are done over the phone.
  • If you live elsewhere, my office will mail you a printing kit with full instructions on how to print your hands.
  • You will then return the prints and when I receive them, an appointment will be scheduled to interpret the prints.
  • All sessions are recorded and you will receive a copy of the session to refer back to (and there will be lots to refer back to).

What About Children?

I thought you’d never ask!

Your children have an amazing unique life purpose too.  They also have a life lesson or blind spot, just like you.

Imagine the kind of parenting stress you could eliminate by truly understanding who your child is.  Think about it.

You’d know exactly where they are most likely to get tripped up in life and you can lovingly offer your support.

You know their unique brilliance and can nurture and strengthen it.

You understand their emotional needs clearly and can honor their unique style of relating.

Most importantly, you will know the one area (or areas) where you should never, never fix things for them.   And it’s probably the one area where you’re most likely to want to intervene too.

I can tell you from my own experience that this was paramount in creating harmony in my own family.  All my years of reading parenting books and spending time on parenting forums could not have prepared me for the simplicity and profound insight into my parenting struggles that hand analysis offers.

I’m Ready to Have My Hands Read, Chrisstine!  What’s the Next Step?

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